Grade 4 » General Learner Outcomes (GLO's)

General Learner Outcomes (GLO's)

General Learner Outcomes


GLO 1:  Self-Directed Learner

(Responsibility:  Takes responsibility for one’s own learning)

I can manage my time and stay on task.

I can set achievable goals and work towards those goals.

I can complete my assignment on time.

I can persevere in my work.

I can look for ways to improve what I do.

GLO 2:  Community Contributor

(Cooperation:  Understands that people must work together)

I can follow my classroom and school rules.

I can find peaceful solutions to conflicts.

I can ask questions when I don’t understand something.

I can share and carry out responsibilities in my group positively and effectively.

I can show respect for other by listening and considering other points of view.

GLO 3:  Complex Thinker

(Thinking:  Engages in complex thinking and problem solving)

I can reflect on my own thinking and express it in words.

I can solve problems in more than one way.

I can use what I know and apply is to new situations.

GLO 4:  Quality Producer

(Quality Work:  Recognizes and produces quality work)

I can show work that meets or exceeds the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards.

I can effectively use rubrics to assess and improve my own performance and products.

I can recognize what quality work looks like.

GLO 5:  Effective Communicator

(Communication:  Communicates effectively in all situations)

I can express my feelings and ideas clearly and effectively in many different ways.

I can actively listen to understand and use information.

I can draw conclusions based on observations.

I can read and understand all kinds of material to learn new things and get information.

I can write effectively and clearly using correct forms, conventions, and styles.

GLO 6:  Effective and Ethical User of Technology

(Technology:  Uses technology effectively and ethically)

I can use technology appropriately.

I can use technology to do research, communicate and produce products.

I can accurately document all sources.