Grade 3 » Expectations


Students in grades K-6 are evaluated by teachers in six GLOs.  Elementary teachers use a GLO rubric and classroom-based evidence to determine a student's rating for each GLO, which is then communicated to parents via the elementary standards-based report card.


GLO 1:  Self-Directed Learner

(Responsibility:  Takes responsibility for one’s own learning)


GLO 2:  Community Contributor

(Cooperation:  Understands that people must work together)


GLO 3:  Complex Thinker

(Thinking:  Engages in complex thinking and problem solving)


GLO 4:  Quality Producer

(Quality Work:  Recognizes and produces quality work)


GLO 5:  Effective Communicator

(Communication:  Communicates effectively in all situations)


GLO 6:  Effective and Ethical User of Technology

(Technology:  Uses technology effectively and ethically)







  Be honest         Be reliable           Do what I say I will do



Use good manners          Use kind words          Respect school and personal property        

Keep hands and feet to myself          Use kind words



Follow directions          Do my best          Keep on task          

Be prepared and on time              Apologize for my mistakes          



Play and work by the rules          Take turns          Share



Be kind          Show appreciation          Help others           



Obey rules and laws          Cooperate with others         Protect the environment          

Respect authority           Make safe choices



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