Grade 3 » Grading


At Kapolei Elementary, we follow a standards based curriculum. In reading, writing, and math we grade according to the common core standards. In science, we follow the Next Generation Science Standards. In all other subjects, we follow the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards III.


How are my child’s report card grades determined?

The grades on your child’s report card are determined through assessments that are given to your child throughout the quarter. Assessments are tasks that your child completes on their own without the help or prompting from the teacher or another adult.


What is the difference between class work and assessments?

Class work is practice, and can be completed together as a class, or with assistance by peers or other adults. Class work allows the students to have an opportunity to practice and learn from their mistakes and misconceptions and is differentiated to meet the needs of the specific learner. Class work is usually not assigned a grade but will be checked.  


Assessments are tasks that students are assigned to complete without any outside help. Assessments are intended to reflect what the student was able to do on their own, and will be assigned a grade.