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School Work at Home and AVID

School Work


Distance Learning

While students are participating in distance learning, they will be logging on during set times each day, and completing the work that their teacher assigns. Each teacher will explain to their students what they want them to complete.


We will follow the procedures below for when the students return to campus on the HYBRID (combination of in-person and online learning) model:



Group A- Will receive homework on TUESDAY, and it will be due on WEDNESDAY.

Group B- Will receive homework on THURSDAY, and it will be due on FRIDAY.

Group C- Will receive homework on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY, and it will be due the following day. (e.g. Homework assigned on Monday will be due on Tuesday.)

Group D- Will receive homework on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY, and it will be due the following day.


School Work At Home:

On the weekdays that your child is not in school, they will be assigned work to be completed at home based on what was covered earlier at school. Please see our grade level website and find your child's teacher's page for details on what they are expected to complete at home. 


Why do we assign homework?

The purpose of homework is to help your child develop good study habits, and to review concepts that have been covered that day, or during a previous lesson. Homework should not take the whole night to complete.


Is the work my child completes at home part of their report card grade?

Work that your child completes at home is not usually factored in to your child’s reading, writing, or math grade because it is practice. This work will be reflected within the GLOs (General Learner Outcomes) found on the front page of your child’s report card. The students will complete assessments in class which will be used to determine their report card grades.  


Will my child have work over the breaks?

Your child will be expected to read over the breaks, and log it in their reading log. For other subject areas or additional reading practice, students are encouraged to use our online web applications that can be accessed on our school website or by clicking here.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any work your child has been assigned, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.






To assist in developing your child's self management, monitoring, and organization skills, your child has been given an AVID binder that is brought to and from school daily. Your child's AVID Binder at all times should include their:


1) School Planner

Students are responsible for writing down their homework on the days they come to school. Upon the completion of their assignments, he/she will use a checkmark system to check off each assignment as completed. When homework is not completed, it will be noted. Planners may also be used as a communication log between home and school. Please review and sign child's planner daily.  


2) AVID Pouch

To ensure that your child always has the materials on hand to complete their work at home, your child's AVID pouch should include: 2 pencils, a black or blue pen, and an eraser.


3) Dividers and Folder Paper

Resources needed to complete homework should be filed neatly in their binders.


Below is the Homework Agreement that your child has signed that is found in the front of their AVID binders: 


As a student, I will…

 write my homework assignments daily

 use the checkmark system to monitor work completion

 get planner signed daily by my parent or guardian

 complete and turn in homework assignments on time

 show pride and effort in all of my work