Grade 1 Home

Dear Grade 1 Boys and Girls,


SHINING STARS are what you are

Illuminate the sky

And after all you’ve learned this year

It’s not surprising why

Reading, writing, science, math

and social studies too

spelling, sharing, and so much more

will always follow you

Let laughter, love, and friendship

And happy memories made

Find a way onto your face

on any rainy day

And if you ever lose your way

Just cast your eyes above

Cause SHINING STARS are what you are

And forever will you stay



We will miss you all!

Take care, Stay Safe, Be Strong, We are KAPOLEI, Grade 1




 🥰 Ms. Manliguis           🥰 Ms. Forges.    🥰 Mrs. Kurashima



 🥰 Mrs. Park                🥰 Mrs. Salvido           🥰 Mrs. Ko