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Curriculum Overview

Multi-Sensory Language (MSL):

  • The foundation of reading and writing will be taught though our school wide MSL program. Your child will learn letters, sounds, blending/segmenting words, learned words, and dictation writing.



  • Your child will become a successful writer by communicating not only through written language, but through speaking and drawing pictures of their ideas. We will be writing to different audiences and for different purposes. The different types of writing we will be focusing on are: narrative, informative, and opinion.


Read Alouds:

  • During read alouds, your child will be exposed to different types of text: fiction, non-fiction, and poems. Your child will learn to ask and answer questions about text and to retell events and information. We will also learn about the job of authors and illustrators and how pictures and words relate.


Readers Workshop:

  • Your child will rotate through a variety of learning centers that will transform him/her into a good reader. These centers include ipads, computers, listen to reading, word study, read to self/group, and read with teacher.



  • Our school wide Math Program, Stepping Stones along with supplemental activities will each students the following: Shapes and geometry concepts, number recognition, counting/representing, measurement, sorting, inventory counting, addition/subtraction, number bonds, ten frame concepts and more.


Science/Social Studies:

  • Your child will learn about plants, animals, weather, geography, self, community and topics through theme studies.



  • Your child will have homework Monday-Thursday. Homework will be a reinforcement of what he/she has learned in school. Reading will be given on a daily basis. More information will be provided later.