School Community Council (SCC)

At Kapolei Elementary, the School Community Council serves as a bridge that connects an administrator, teachers, support staff and parents. The purpose of this council provides a forum for exchanging ideas on school culture and student achievement. The Academic Financial Plan is a document that guides open discussions with all members of this council as they strive towards meeting the goals of the school. Members of this council are elected, required to attend a monthly meeting, and provide input with the school goals.




School Community Council (SCC) Agenda

April 3, 2020
2:30 p.m. Library


1. Student Council Sharing

       a. Attendance Spirit Week

       b. SBA Assembly

       c. Other upcoming Student Council projects


2. Updates

       a. Dr. Seuss Week

       b. Career Day

       c. SCC parent and teacher nomination


3. Upcoming Events

       a. Kapolei Rec Center
       b. April and May school events

              i. Grade 5 Track Meet - April 23

             ii. Staff Appreciation Week - May 4-8

            iii. BOGO Book Fair - May 12-15

            iv. Transition Days

             v. Grade 5 Aloha Assembly - May 27


4. Follow Up

       a. Fundraising Ideas for SY2020-2021

            i. Follow up on information about fundraising profit


5.  Academic Plan


6.  Other

      a. Last meeting - Friday, May 1