School Community Council (SCC)

At Kapolei Elementary, the School Community Council serves as a bridge that connects an administrator, teachers, support staff and parents. The purpose of this council provides a forum for exchanging ideas on school culture and student achievement. The Academic Financial Plan is a document that guides open discussions with all members of this council as they strive towards meeting the goals of the school. Members of this council are elected, required to attend a monthly meeting, and provide input with the school goals.

School Community Council Updates - 1st Quarter
August-September 2020

1. New Teacher Members
       a. Welcome to new teacher members - Ms. Ramos and Ms. Rosete


2. New Parent Member

  1. There were four parent nominees from March 2020.

  2. One nominee declined, two nominees moved to another school.

  3. Therefore, we don't need to do a formal vote. Welcome to parent Ms. Anastacio.

3. Updates

  1. There are no updates so far other than school will continue with distance learning for the second quarter.

  2. Close to the end of the second quarter, there will be another period of determining if

    students will return back. That will be done by the Complex Area Superintendent.

  3. We do not plan on having any in person school activities at this time due to COVID.

  4. We are not having any fundraising since we know that many families may be struggling


4. Next Meeting
      a. We will meet at the end of January 2021 via online video to review the draft of the

          academic plan.