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Attendance Procedures



Students are expected to attend school daily and be on time. The warning bell rings at 7:45am and the official start of school begins promptly at 7:50am and ends 2:00pm, except on Wednesdays when the school day ends at 1:15pm.


Present means that the student is physically present in school, at a scheduled class or school activity until 11:00am.


Absent means that the student is not physically present in school, leaves before or arrives after 11:00am. There is no distinction between excused and unexcused absences. Students are either present or absent.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school by calling to report an absence and/or sending a note to explain the reason for absence.


Tardy means that the student arrives to school after 7:50am. Students that arrive after 7:50am shall immediately report to the office and get a tardy slip before going to class.


Chronic Absenteeism and Excessive Tardies

Students are considered chronically absent when they are absent for 15 days or more. Students are considered excessively tardy when they accumulate 15 tardies or more. Students who are chronically absent or excessively tardy may be referred to the counselor and/or administrator for follow up.