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What is Acellus?


Acellus Learning is a full online course that your child will complete independently for the 2020 - 2021 School Year. Lessons are tied to the Hawaii Common Core State Standards. 


Students will watch virtual lessons, then do various learning activities for different skill areas.  All resources and tutorials will be online through the program. 


There is no "live teacher" who will teach your child. There will be once a week check-ins only to provide support navigating the online curriculum.


Children who may benefit from online learning need to be self-disciplined, technologically competent, independent learners, and have strong parental support and supervision. 


The online curriculum is a full year course of study.  Although your child will be enrolled in Kapolei Elementary School, he/she will be required to complete the full year online.   


All grading and attendance  will be done through the Acellus program and report cards will be based on the Acellus online curriculum.