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Counseling Home

The Kapolei Elementary School counselor supports efforts to help all students focus on academic success in school and to prepare them to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. We strive to help students acquire attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills necessary for success in and out of school.

What does a counselor do?

  • Present Character Counts lessons in the classrooms.
  • Meet with new students to help them adjust to our school.
  • Works with small groups on topics like study habits, deployment, divorce, conflict resolution, and grief or loss.
  • Talks with parents and teachers to make sure students are safe and successful in school.

When does my child see a counselor?  When they . . .

  • Have good news to share
  • Have trouble with friends/making friends
  • Have trouble with school work
  • Have trouble getting along with others
  • Need to talk to someone


How does my child see his/her counselor?

  • His/her teacher can ask the counselor to see your child.
  • Parents can ask the counselor to see their child.
  • Your child can stop by the office and ask to see them.
  • Your child can ask his/her teacher if they can go to his/her counselor’s office.

Referral for Services

The first step for any concern is the classroom teacher.  If the teacher needs help to address the needs of a student, the Student Services Coordinator (SSC) and counselor are available to initiate the process to coordinate services to assist the student.