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Stepping Stones is the core math curriculum that has been adopted by the State of Hawaii. Kapolei Elementary School will continue the implementation of this innovative program that is aligned to the Math Common Core State Standards. It is a K-5 mathematics curriculum intended to engage students in making sense of mathematical ideas.


Lessons within the curriculum help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics making learning meaningful and relevant.


This curriculum is designed to:

     •Support students when making sense of mathematics

     •Support students as they learn that they can be mathematical   thinkers    

     •Foster students thinking and reasoning skills

     •Emphasize reasoning about mathematical ideas

     •Engage the range of all learners in understanding mathematics


Coupled with Stepping Stones, all students will be engaged in the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practices. These practices are habits that all mathematicians at KES will practice that includes the following:


· Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

· Reason abstractly and quantitatively

· Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others

· Model with mathematics

· Use appropriate tools strategically

· Attend to precision

· Look for and make use of structure

· Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning