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The objective of our Visual Arts program is to introduce students to many inspiring art pieces from various cultures and time periods. Students will then learn about the styles, the media (tools), the Elements of Art, and the Principles of Design which were used to create these art pieces. Students will also have an opportunity to experiment and apply a variety of materials, techniques and processes in the creation of their own original artwork. My hope is that students will enjoy their art experience, will gain a basic understanding of art concepts, and will be able to dialogue about Art in a meaningful way.



  • Coloring- in the lines (when appropriate) with an even stroke, leaving no white spots. Using color crayons, color pencils, and color markers.
  • Painting- using Tempera and Watercolor paints, including color mixing and proper brush care. (Primary, Secondary, Complementary, Tertiary, Warm and Cool Colors.)
  • Drawing- using pencil and color pencil, training the eye to look for details using Blind Contour and Modified Contour Drawing, and Still Life.
  • Learning to add Value, through shading and creating highlights and shadows. Also adding Value through color mixing paint- black paint to make shades, and white paint to make tints.
  • Experimenting with Oil Pastels.
  • Creating 3-dimensional art to learn about Form. This will include folding simple origami, building with play dough, and layering with tissue paper.
  • Re-creating artwork from history and from various cultures to gain an appreciation for the technique and the time taken to create them.



  • Learning about the Elements of Art- Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, Space, Form
  • Learning about the Principles of Design- Repetition, Pattern, Balance, Symmetry
  • Developing a common art vocabulary, and responding to Art in a meaningful way.
  • Making personal connections to artwork from different time periods and cultures.
  • Hands-On Projects to reinforce concepts they have learned and to express their own creativity.
  • Learning how to properly use a variety of Art media (tools), and when it is appropriate to use each.
  • Always focusing on the GLO of Quality Producer- producing quality work in their Art projects as they express themselves, imagine, and create.