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Dress Code

Students are expected to wear their Kapolei Elementary School uniform every day except on school designated special events days. On special events days, students are expected to wear clothing that adheres to the school’s dress code.
Keeping modesty in mind, Kapolei Elementary School’s dress code has been designed for the comfort and safety of our students and should conform to the following guidelines:
  • Fabrics should be opaque (no transparent fabrics) and should cover the torso (no bare midriff, chest and back).
  • No spaghetti straps or tank tops.
  • Shorts should not be shorter than the tip of the pinky finger when your child stands with his/her arms at his/her side. No baggy shorts.
  • Clothing and/or accessories with inappropriate references to violence, drugs, sex and gang-related activities are ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.
Students dressed inappropriately will be sent to the office to pick up more appropriate clothing or their parent may be asked to bring clothes to school.