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Get involved, become a Nai’a Ohana member!


Aloha Kapolei Elementary School Ohana!

Can you believe it’s already December and the Holidays are just a few weeks away? As we get ready for the Holidays and some time of relaxation during Winter break, we would like to extend an opportunity for all KES parents to get involved and become a member of Nai’a Ohana.

Nai'a Ohana is an independent organization that serves as Kapolei Elementary School’s PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization). We are a community of parents, teachers and administrators

who have joined together to educate and nurture the children of Kapolei Elementary School.

The purpose of Nai'a Ohana:
1. To lend our talent, time and resources to improve and support the students in education and character development.

2. To support and promote a team atmosphere among parents and school community staff.
3. To fundraise and provide resources to the school for the support and education of the students.
4. To foster a sense of school pride and community in the city of Kapolei.
5. To provide an opportunity for parents to meet and support each other.