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Dropping Off and Picking Up in Residential Areas

Please be courteous to our neighbors surrounding Kapolei Elementary School. In the morning and after school hours, do not park in our neighbors driveways or block access in or out of driveways.
The residents of Kulalani kindly request that parents do not block their driveway and do not drop off their child near the driveway entrance/exit.
Drive slowly in neighborhoods. Keep Kapolei safe for our students! Thank You!

Kapolei Elementary Canned Goods and Clothing Drive

Thank you to all students and their families for donating to the Kapolei Elementary Canned Goods and Clothing Drive. Your donations brought happiness and hope to families in the Kapolei area. Thank you for being a Community Contributor!

Green, Blue and Red Tracks Last Day Tuesday, December 18

The last day of school before winter break is Tuesday, December 18.
There will be no school for students starting Wednesday, December 19 - Wednesday, January 2. Students on yellow, blue and red tracks return on Thursday, January 3.

Rubber Slipper Donation

We are in need of rubber slippers for our students!

During the school day, our students often come to the office with footwear that broke during the day. For safety purposes, we offer rubber slippers to our students to borrow and return. We often don't get the slippers back.

We are running low on slippers. Please donate slippers in a variety of sizes. Donations are accepted at the Kapolei Elementary School office. Thank You!

Believe Fundraiser Items Are In!

The Believe Fundraiser Items have been shipped to our school.
If you placed an order, please call 693-7000 ext. 262 or 311 for more information.
Thank you for supporting Kapolei Elementary!

Join Us! Breakfast with Santa

A special guest is coming to Kapolei Elementary!
Breakfast with Santa
Saturday, December 1
8:30 am - 1:00 p.m.
RSVP by November 21
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