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Vice Principal Arakawa Named Leeward Vice Principal of the Year!

Congratulations to Vice Principal Arakawa for being named the Leeward Vice Principal of the Year! Vice Principal Arakawa was selected due to his strong leadership, commitment to education, solid work ethic and his natural ability to build positive relationships with the faculty, staff, students, parents and community. We are so proud to have Vice Principal Arakawa at Kapolei Elementary! Congratulations!
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Kapolei Elementary Supporting the Troops

Kapolei Elementary School is supporting the military community by participaing in an Adopt-a-Soldier campaign. Students in grades 3-5 from various classes sent out letters and care packages to a few troops in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan who are overseas during the holiday season. We appreciate our military families! Aloha and Mahalo Soldiers!
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"Story Laboratory: Reading Gives You Super Power" Scholastic Book Fair

We invite families to visit our “Story Laboratory: Reading Gives You Super Power” Scholastic Book Fair.

The fair will be held February 8-20 (except Saturdays and Sundays) from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm in our Library.

Students will be visiting the fair with their classes to purchase books or make a Wish List. Purchases can also be made online from February 8 – March 1 at

Our Family Night is Wednesday, February 13, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. At this fun-filled evening, families can shop together and participate in special activities. During the event, we also invite parents to help build our classroom libraries by purchasing books and donating them to their child’s class through the Classroom Wish List Program.
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2012-2013 KES Ohana Fundraiser

7-Eleven Lima Kokua Coupon Books
Perfect for Stocking Stuffers!
Great for gifts all year around!
Coupons are good until the end of 2013

Fundraiser will run until February 28, 2013
Contact for more information
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Dropping Off and Picking Up in Residential Areas

Please be courteous to our neighbors surrounding Kapolei Elementary School. In the morning and after school hours, do not park in our neighbors driveways or block access in or out of driveways.
The residents of Kulalani kindly request that parents do not block their driveway and do not drop off their child near the driveway entrance/exit.
Drive slowly in neighborhoods. Keep Kapolei safe for our students! Thank You!
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