Changes to the Breakfast and Lunch Menu for August 28-September 1



Monday, August 28

Breakfast Sliders

Grape Juice

Offer: Peaches and Milk


Tuesday, August 29

Apple Pastry

Apple Juice

Offer: Orange Wedges and Milk


Wednesday, August 30

Mini Pancake


Offer: Apple Wedges and Milk


Thursday, August 31

Fried Rice

Orange Juice

Offer: Mixed Fruits and Milk


Friday, September 1

Cinnamon Toast

Ham Links


Offer: Pineapple Chunks and Milk



Monday, August 28

Hot Dog Whole Grain

Fruit Slushy

Offer: Rainbow Salad and Baked Beans


Tuesday, August 29

Crispy Nachos with Beef and Cheese

Orange Juice

Offer: House Salad


Wednesday, August 30

Chicken Nuggets Rice and Pickled Cabbage

Offer: Broccoli and Carrots, Cantaloupe